Being and Becoming: A Field Approach to Psychology by Arthur Combs

By Arthur Combs

Dr. Combs updates his groundbreaking box thought of character. This version grows out of Carl Rogers' rules on client-centered remedy and has lengthy been a tremendous effect on theories of psychotherapy and character in the humanistic and phenomonlogical traditions. the following Dr. Combs ties box psychology to the paradigm shifts in biophysical sciences, and so offers a unifying body of reference for all branches of psychology. His concise method of the subject makes this e-book of useful curiosity to scholars, scientific psychologists and counselors, in addition to lecturers educating upper-level or graduate classes in character and on healing techniques.

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The reverse also may be true. Events that sometimes seem to an outsider as deeply traumatic and shocking may actually appear to the child who experiences them as only momentarily distressing if he has had much experience of adequacy in the everyday interactions with his family. Fundamentally well adjusted youngsters show a surprising ability to take even the most shocking experiences in stride, with an aplomb that seems almost callous to adults. Some years ago the author worked with a 12-year-old girl brought to our psychological clinic following an abusive encounter with an elderly man in her home community.

When we perceive only vaguely, then behavior too is likely to be fuzzy and inaccurate. Perceptions at low levels of awareness, it is true, will affect behavior with less precision than perceptions more clearly in figure; but as long as they exist at all in the perceptual field, they contribute to behavior. The mass activity elicited by a fly buzzing around the face of an uneasy sleeper is an example. In the sleeper's field the fly functions as a vague, relatively undifferentiated annoyance, and her response is made accordingly.

Still another factor contributing to the stability of the perceived self is the corroborative behavior it produces. Because behavior is a function of the phenomenal field, people behave in terms of their self-concepts. This can produce a kind of vicious circle, in which a person, believing he is only x much, behaves as though he were. Other people, seeing him behave only x much, treat him as an jc-much person, which only proves to the individual what he thought in the first place. 4 The phenomenal self with the self-concept at its core represents our fundamental frame of reference, our anchor to reality.

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