Beginning Java™ SE 6 Platform: From Novice to Professional by Jeff Friesen

By Jeff Friesen

This middle booklet, starting Java SE 6 Platform, introduces Java programmers who're new to the most recent Java SE 6 platform. It doesn't waste their time rehashing uncomplicated Java wisdom. as an alternative, this e-book will supply them what they should recognize in regards to the new and more suitable beneficial properties in Java SE 6.

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Modern operating systems typically display an application’s icon in multiple places. In addition to a window’s title bar, an icon can appear on the taskbar, on a task switcher (such as the Windows XP task switcher), beside a task name in a list of running tasks (such as the Applications tab of the Windows XP Windows Task Manager), and so on. In some places, the icon will appear at a different size. For example, the icon on the Windows XP task switcher is larger than the icon on the window’s title bar.

Using this interface, you can do the following: • Identify the source versions of the Java language that are supported by the compiler. • Determine if a compiler option is supported. • Run the compiler with specific I/O streams and arguments. • Obtain the standard file manager. Future object that stores the result of an asynchronous computation) for a compilation task. Identifying the Java language source versions that are supported by the compiler is important because a Java compiler cannot compile future source code that includes new language features and new/enhanced APIs.

8. Does public JDialog(Frame owner) create a true ownerless window when owner is null? qxd 9/16/07 4:18 PM CHAPTER Page 37 2 Core Libraries J ava’s core libraries support mathematics, input/output (I/O), collections, and more. Java SE 6 updates existing core libraries and integrates new libraries into the core. BitSet class implements a growable vector of bits. Because of its compactness and other advantages, this data structure is often used to implement an operating system’s priority queues and facilitate memory page allocation.

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