Association for Jewish studies 1998- 23(2) by Nelson, M

By Nelson, M

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Williams,TheMakingof ManchesterJewry(New York,1976), pp. " 19. O. 195/1113,Skeneto Elliot,Aleppo,Feb. 10, 1876. 20. See Halliday,"Milletof Manchester," pp. 164-165. 21. On the periodizationof the Ottomaneconomyin the nineteenthcentury,see Pamuk, OttomanEmpireand EuropeanCapitalism,pp. 10-17. ,pp. 108-129. THEFIRSTJEWSFROMALEPPOIN MANCHESTER 197 thatconditionswere conduciveto the establishmentof a communallife like the one they had known in Syria, they apparentlydecided to settle there permanently.

In the PT,R. Aqivais mentionedas a possiblemessengerto removeR. Elazarb. Azaria from his office, while, in the BT, R. R. Aqiva'srole in the PT fits in with his negativereactionto R. Elazarb. Azaria's andhis recognitionthattheyoungscholarhasbeenappointedfordynasticreasons. appointment The involvementof R. Ineffect,the messengeris sayingthatR. Elazarb. Azariahashis realmof powerandR. The asksR. Elazarb. Azariato stepdownfromR. Gamaliel's position metaphor R. Elazarb. Azaria's in wordswhichaffirmthe dynasticclaimto authority: therightfulheir claimwill haveto be dealtwith,butR.

Gamaliel'sopinionis cited;at firstglance,it wouldseemto the veryworst choice as a supportingtext! As we have noted, the Babyloniannarrative is emphasizingR. Gamaliel'sdesire to be involved in Torahstudy,which compels the deposed patriarchto enter the bet midrash,23and it also sets up the debatebetweenR. Gamalieland R. Joshuaas parallelto the debate with which the narrativeopens. But the deliberatechoice of this mishna makes anotherpoint as well, throughthe mishna'sthematiclink with the Babyloniannarrativeand, specifically,throughits symmetrywith segment [G].

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