Association for Jewish studies 1997- 22(1) by Nelson, M

By Nelson, M

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37-48, and"Redemption of these typologies, see J. Dan, "GershomScholem and Jewish Messianism,"in Gershom Scholem:TheMan and His Work,ed. P. , 1994),pp. 73-86, esp. 82-86. 2. See I. , HebrewUniversity,1991). 3 Whileall of theseare important and contributeto the overall understandingof what is the most influential kabbalisticdoctrinesince the Zohar,4I would like to approachthe Lurianic materialfroma differentperspective. While R. Hayyim Vital's Etz Hayyim5has justifiablybeen considered the foundationalpresentationof the Lurianicsystem, its popularityhas overshadowedvariousotherLurianictextswhichofferuniqueandinnovative approachesto kabbalistictheosophy,particularlyin the area of scriptural interpretation.

Joseph Dan recently argued that Kabbalain general is far less systematicin its hermeneuticsthanrabbinic(midrashic)exegesis. Cf. Dan, "TheLanguageof Creationand Its in Traditionund Translation:ZumProblemder interkulturellen Ubersetzbarkeit Grammar," religioserPhanomene,ed. C. Elias(BerlinandNew York,1994),p. In Lurianickabbala,we see a moresevereabandonment of thoseexegetcialtools which I believe is partiallydue to the fact thatthe trueTorah(the Torahof the Treeof Life) is not embeddedin the Garmentsof Torahbut exists outsideit.

Buildingon what her husbandapparentlyhad taught her,she had gone on to acquiremoreadvancedknowledgefromher brother as well as on her own. The end resultwas a competentteacherwith a strong 34. The commentby Maimonideshere,"if her wordsare wordsof truth,"makesit clear thatverificationis necessary,as it shouldbe in a case in which two conflictingversionsare presented. 35. See S. D. Goitein,"TheJewishFamilyof the High MiddleAges as Revealedby the Documentsof theCairoGeniza,"GliEbreiNell'altoMedioevo2 (1980):713-733; he discusses divorce as a means to gain freedomand commentsthat "even in upper-classor scholarly familiesdivorcewas preferredto a badmarriage"(p.

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