Arabic Today: A Student, Business and Professional Course in by John Mace

By John Mace

Audio fabric to accompany the booklet is accessible on the following web site: scholar, company direction in spoken and written Arabic aimed toward people with no previous wisdom of the language.Suitable for enterprise pros and scholars eager to converse without delay with humans and associations within the Arab international, Arabic this present day is a self-contained direction in modern Arabic. college has a tendency to pay attention both at the written language (never utilized in daily speech) or on a specific neighborhood dialect (which is rarely written down). Arabic at the present time breaks with this custom, capitalising at the rising kind of spoken Pan-Arabic. This supraregional kind of trained speech is drawn from the main influential parts, in addition to the trendy written observe. So even if you need to converse the language or upload writing abilities in addition, this direction e-book and accompanying audio web site are the perfect instruments for self-tuition and lecture room use. the second one version of this booklet has been completely revised and up to date to make it correct to a brand new iteration of readers. Grammar is defined extra basically and accurately, the interpreting fabric has been up to date and the typography is clearer. New observe indexes provide meanings and reference for the vocabulary and including the grammar index they give a useful extra reference function.

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Tálab at-tádhkara min ar-rākib. e. through a preposition such as ‘to, with, from’. 26 ARABIC TODAY 17. kthīr ‘much, many’ This adjective has a regular feminine but a ‘broken’ plural: f. kthī́ra, pl. kthār. ) fulūs ikthī́r (inan. ) nās ikthī́r (an. ) The following paragraph explains the initial vowel of forms like ikthīr. 18. Transition vowel When three consonants form a block which is difficult to pronounce, a transition or relief vowel is introduced after the first of the consonants. This vowel is i , which is never stressed.

Khallī- is an imperative, with a negative formed regularly with lā: lā tkhallīhum yisma9ūk. Don’t let them/Let them not hear you. khallī- and lā tkhallī- are both m. sing. and f. sing. The plural is khallū-, lā tkhallū-, addressing a group: lā tkhallū yudkhul. ) let him (come) in. 12. Numbers 11–199 Cardinal numbers above 10 and below 200 are: ’ihd9ashr 12 ithn9ashr 11 13 thalatt9ashr 14 ’arba9t9ashr khamst9ashr 16 sitt9ashr 15 17 saba9t9ashr 18 thamant9ashr 19 tisa9t9ashr 20 9ishrīn 21 wāhid(a) u 9ishrīn 22 ithnayn/thintayn u 9ishrīn 30 thalāthīn 35 khamsa u thalāthīn 40 ’arba9īn 50 khamsīn 60 sittīn 70 sab9īn 80 thamānīn 90 tis9īn 100 mīya 123 mīya u thalātha u 9ishrīn In combinations of tens and units, the unit number comes first.

Ending, add -ī́n: muhándis an engineer muhandisīn engineers al-musāfir the traveller al-musāfirīn the travellers Sound masculine inanimate nouns, and all sound feminine nouns whether animate or inanimate, make their plural on the so-called sound feminine pattern. This pattern is found only with nouns: · for f. sing. ) suhufīyāt journalists misrīya an Egyptian lady misrīyāt Egyptian ladies ash-shárika the company ash-sharikāt the companies LESSON 3 as-sayyāra the car as-sayyarāt · for the (very rare) m.

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