Applications of Mössbauer Spectroscopy by Richard L. Cohen (Eds.)

By Richard L. Cohen (Eds.)

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By adding sufficient nickel to keep the final matrix composition near that of F e - N i Invar, a desirable combination of mechanical hardness and low thermal coefficient of expansion was achieved. 2 Ferrous Alloy Phase Transformations 53 In a subsequent study, Eliezer et al. (1973b) examined the effects of plastic deformation on the F e - N i - S n alloys described above. 73 at. % tin show F e patterns characteristic of the fee F e - N i 1 1 9 phase and S n patterns characteristic of N i 3 S n 2 , which precipitates during the cooling of the casting.

The development of Αφ, t) with time depends exponentially on a generalized diffusion coefficient in such a way as to enhance the fluctuations having wavelength very near to some value Xm. Thus, after a very short aging time, the composition profile is well approximated by three mutually orthogonal cosine waves of some amplitude A(Àm, t) and wavelength / l m. Regardless of the details of the composition fluctuation, one expects that the early stages of decomposition via this mechanism will result in an alloy containing a range of local compositions f surrounding the initial mean value c0, with no evidence of precipitates of the equilibrium compositions βγ and c2 (see Fig.

3 mm/sec, so that a shift of about one-quarter of a linewidth is 1 1 9 produced per 100°K temperature change. F o r S n , both the larger linewidth ( ~ 1 mm/sec) and smaller shift make the thermal shift unimportant except in cases where very precise measurements are made. It should be emphasized that the thermal shift values cited here are valid only at high temperatures. F o r temperatures much lower than the Debye temperature of the lattice, the shift becomes vanishingly small and depends on the relationship between the temperature and 0 D.

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