Annie Quinn in America by Mical Schneider

By Mical Schneider

To flee the Irish potato famine of the 1840s, twelve-year-old Annie and her brother to migrate to ny urban the place they sign up for their older sister as servants, getting cash to carry the remainder of their kinfolk to the USA, the place they notice that either nutrients and hardships abound.

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She tried to explain and still hurry to keep up with Bridget. “Unfair, it was. ” Just saying the word brought a lump in her throat and made it hard to talk. “Runners and baggage-smashers,” Bridget said, “that’s what boys like Finnbarr O’Halloran are. A board­ ing house hires a runner to go to the waterfront and meet the boats. ” “But I wasn’t lost,” Annie protested, “or confused. ” She glared across Bridget at Thomas. “I didn’t let go,” Thomas said. “You loosened up. And I didn’t get lost either.

Ship’s rules will be followed without exception. There will be no drink­ ing, no spitting tobacco, no smoking or lighting candles below deck. Cooking is permitted at the two ovens on deck and only between noon and three. A gallon of water and rations of biscuits and oatmeal will be handed out daily. ” The captain finished, waited for any protests, turned, and departed abruptly. The first mate called the names of all five hundred passengers and then released them to find their berths below. A stampede of men, women, and children swept down a narrow set of stairs and into a room as large as a barn and just as sour.

She closed the door and brought her face close to Annie’s. “Now young miss,” she said in a low voice, “you can talk to Mrs. Cox like that once and only once. She’ll 60 excuse you this time because of all you’ve been through, but from here on, while you’re in this house, you’ll be quiet, polite, and respectful to everyone. ” Annie nodded and fought back her tears. � An hour later, Annie sat in a soft linen nightshirt, jerking a comb through her snarled hair. She had scrubbed herself red in the wide, tin tub behind the wooden screen in the workroom and had dried her hair with one fresh towel after another.

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