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Why do Anne’s feelings toward Peter change? 3. How do politics affect Anne and the others in the “Secret Annexe”? 4. How do the break-ins affect the people in the “Secret Annexe”? 5. Do Anne and the others question their faith? How do you know? © 2006 Saddleback Educational Publishing 27 Focus on Reading: Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl STUDENT NAME ___________________________________________________ DATE__________________ V. Thursday, 23 March, 1944–Monday, 5 June, 1944 During Reading Build Your Vocabulary Read the sentences below.

5. With the butter they receive for Christmas presents, each member is going to bake something different to share with the others. 6. They no longer eat bread at nighttime, eat lots of beans, and are careful rationing butter. 7. Anne’s mother is greatly upset, but she leaves the room quietly, and Anne sees for the first time how much her coldness affects her mother. 8. They are less clean, and their clothes do not fit as well as they used to. Answer Key 9. Mr. Dussel refuses immediately, and after much discussion and a talk between Daddy and Dussel, Anne finally gets some time.

A. She is always going upstairs to see him, not him going downstairs. b. He is not pursuing the relationship as she is. c. She follows him around when he does his chores. 7. Anne’s father ________ . a. is greatly upset by her letter b. is pleased by her letter c. refuses to read her letter 2. The real reason Peter goes to Daddy is ________ . a. for help on an English sentence b. he heard people breaking into the warehouse c. he wanted to see Anne before going to bed 8. Anne reacts to Mouschi’s accident with ________ .

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