Animal Products in Human Nutrition by Donald C. Beitz

By Donald C. Beitz

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Willham contributed to the production of cereal. " To do away with fertilizers that are estimated to produce more than one-fourth of our current food is equally impossible. This is not the first time that the world has adapted to alternative energy sources. Deforestation of Europe in the production of glass produced reliance on coal and coke and aided in the development of power sources for the Industrial Revolution (Burke, 1978). Man will adapt to an alter­ nate energy source. Synthetic food production, especially of quality protein from cereal and bean production, is a reality.

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Part of this increase in pounds of milk per cow is a result of concen­ trated feeding in larger, better-managed herds, but the synergism of milk records, artificial insemination, and sire evaluation and the use of superior sires over the industry has accounted for much of the increase. Marketing cooperatives have helped to stabilize prices and are responsible for the safest milk supply in the world. Butterfat is of less importance, but the high correlation with non-fat solids, which is primary in cheese production, makes some fat necessary.

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