AIX Reference for Sun Solaris Administrators by IBM Redbooks

By IBM Redbooks

In modern heterogeneous machine environments, specifically UNIX servers and workstations, it's crucial that the procedure administrator have uncomplicated wisdom of other working platforms. This redbook is written for solar Solaris directors who desires to move their wisdom of Solaris UNIX abilities to the AIX 5L working method. This redbook will essentially examine procedure management projects in Solaris eight to AIX 5L model 5.1. This redbook indicates the reader similarities and ameliorations among every one working method. This redbook also will introduce Solaris directors to IBM pSeries structure. it's assumed that the reader of this redbook already has Solaris eight procedure management abilities, and are established with solar undefined. within the first part on every one bankruptcy, we'll in brief point out how the Solaris initiatives are conducted. within the final part on each one bankruptcy, we are going to offer a brief reference that would be in convenient to take advantage of. This redbook is a priceless software for approach directors and different technical help team of workers who take care of AIX 5L and Solaris working structures.

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Adt Base Application Development Toolkit: Contains commands, files, and libraries required to develop software applications. diag Hardware Diagnostics: Contains the Diagnostic Controller for the hardware diagnostics package. docregister Documentation Registration Tools: Contains the utilities used in the administration of the HTML documentation options and their associated search indexes. docsearch Documentation Library Service: Provides functions that allow users to navigate, read, and search HTML documents that are registered with the library service.

2, “AIX file systems types and commands” on page 164. If you want the 64-bit kernel to be the running kernel, but do not want JFS2 file systems, then select No. This menu will not appear in 32-bit systems. 8 Begin installation A number of tasks are performed to complete the installation, including creating a new boot logical volume and customizing the locale and console information into the newly installed operating system. While the BOS is installing, the status indicator screen is displayed, as in Example 3-8 on page 43.

N Finds the next occurrence of the text. SMIT output screen Example 1-3 shows the SMIT output screen. Example 1-3 SMIT output screen COMMAND STATUS Command: OK stdout: yes stderr: no Before command completion, additional instructions may appear below. system 0 staff 1 bin 2 sys 3 adm 4 uucp 5 mail 6 security cron 8 printq 9 audit 10 ecs 28 nobody -2 usr 100 perf 20 shutdown lp 11 imnadm 188 F1=Help F8=Image n=Find Next true false true true true true true 7 true true true true false false false 21 true false root files invscout,snapp,daemon root,bin files root,bin,sys files bin,adm files nuucp,uucp files files true root files root files lp files root files files nobody,lpd files guest files files true files root,lp,printq files imnadm files F2=Refresh F9=Shell files F3=Cancel F10=Exit F6=Command /=Find The Command field can have the following values: OK, RUNNING, and FAILED.

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