AIX 5L and Windows 2000: Side by Side by IBM Redbooks

By IBM Redbooks

The thing of this redbook is to illustrate the AIX 5L and home windows 2000 systems to teach the reader similarities and modifications among every one working approach. even if you're a home windows professional seeking to examine extra concerning the most recent model of AIX, AIX 5L, or are an AIX specialist and want to tell your self of the most recent home windows platform, home windows 2000, you will discover every one bankruptcy during this redbook covers the elemental applied sciences that make every one working procedure what it is.In resulting chapters, we are going to talk about basic working procedure options, architectures, open criteria compliances, and product packaging for either AIX 5L and home windows 2000. Then, we will move into the consumer interfaces for either, garage administration, defense criteria compliance and operations, and whole platforms administration. eventually, we'll supply a detailed dialogue of networking recommendations on either structures and show the entire volume of scalability and excessive availability on either AIX 5L and home windows 2000.Furthermore, whereas no longer a lot has replaced in home windows 2000, AIX is comparatively new on the time of scripting this redbook, and we will make a different aspect of declaring the diversities among AIX 5L and the former model, AIX model 4.3.3.

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This is standard UNIX behavior. 2 Windows version history The road towards Windows 2000 has been long and winding with both minor and major changes. The following section will discuss the evolvement of Microsoft’s operating systems for the Intel platform. 1 Pre-Windows 2000 operating systems from Microsoft While operating systems do provide an interface for applications and users, the key purpose of any OS is to enable hardware. In the early 1980s, Microsoft entered the PC operating system arena with its MS-DOS product to enable 8086 architecture hardware.

The scheduler periodically scans the list of all active processes/threads and recalculates process priorities based on the initial priority and the amount of processor time used. It tends to favor processes that do not consume large amounts of the processor time because the amount of processor time used by the scheduler is included in the priority recalculation equation. Virtual memory manager (VMM) Virtual memory is a mechanism by which the real memory available for use appears larger than its true size.

Layering also makes it easier to enhance the operating system; one entire layer can be replaced without affecting other parts of the OS. Windows 2000 is a portable operating system because of two design decisions: First, the operating system was written in ANSI C, a language that enables programs to be ported easily to other hardware architectures. Second, all parts of Windows 2000 that must be written for a specific type of hardware are isolated in an area called the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL).

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