African Immigrant Families in Another France by Loretta E. Bass (auth.)

By Loretta E. Bass (auth.)

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As it stands, the census allows the computation of firstgeneration estimates but there is slippage in the data in the second generation and after. If questions on ethnic origin were asked of all persons on the household roster (and not just the household head), the census could provide more accurate estimates of first- and second-generation immigrants. These census estimates could then be useful in providing accurate accounting of those of immigrant descent in other surveys. Héran A Post-Colonial Bouillabaisse: Africans in France 31 (2002) contends that ethnicity of origin plays a salient diversification role culturally and socially.

2 “Three colors, one flag, one empire” 27 28 African Immigrant Families in Another France and questioned French colonial rule. While some discussion of assimilation took place during the colonial period, the issue of cost and the resolve of African populations coalesced to prevent the implementation of full-scale assimilation (Crowder, 1990: 77). In 1946, after World War II, the French government created a new French Union to extend limited political representation rights to its colonies in Africa.

Appendix C provides a glossary of French terms. 3 A Post-Colonial Bouillabaisse: Africans in France – Context and Theory The French colonial empire in Africa, dating from the 1600s to the 1960s, serves as the basis for a bouillabaisse of varied peoples, some post-colonial and others from European countries, being simmered together in a pot that retains distinctive elements while becoming a French stew. Bouillabaisse is an apt analogy for the immigrant integration process, as this soup from the port city of Marseille typically brings together at least three types of fish while distinguishing itself from other fish soups by its use of herbs and spices from the Provence region in the south of France along the Mediterranean Sea.

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