Advanced Linux Programming by CodeSourcery LLC, Mark L. Mitchell, Alex Samuel, Jeffrey

By CodeSourcery LLC, Mark L. Mitchell, Alex Samuel, Jeffrey Oldham

Do not pass judgement on this ebook by way of its identify. in the event you understand how to application, yet are a servant of the Microsoft Lord (we do not converse his name), this e-book is the pathway to benefit Linux programming. it's very good written. If one has the self-discipline to paintings throughout the quite a few examples, they are going to become skilled at Linux programming, e.g., fork new procedures, enforce pthreads, comprehend universal procedure calls, and maybe better of all enjoy the adventure of the those Linux programmers. it's a advantageous booklet on the intermediate level.

Try it out. This publication is obtainable for free at Having an digital replica turns out to be useful for looking, and it may be revealed. A thanks is to ensure that a high quality publication made to be had to the general public, at no cost. thanks authors! i glance ahead to different books those fellows write. do not be stunned if you end up valuing the booklet adequate to buy a replica from Amazon, yet that could be a own decision.

As a serious SOB (so says my wife), I do have a few unfavourable reviews. The ebook has a few errata, so ensure that you do obtain corrections from the website. additionally, the e-book is 5 years previous, and a moment variation will be impressive. All thought of, this booklet needs to be rated five stars, interval.

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For performance-critical code, runtime checks such as uses of assert can impose a significant performance penalty. In these cases, you can compile your code with the NDEBUG macro defined, by using the -DNDEBUG flag on your compiler command line. With NDEBUG set, appearances of the assert macro will be preprocessed away. It’s a good idea to do this only when necessary for performance reasons, though, and only with performance-critical source files. Because it is possible to preprocess assert macros away, be careful that any expression you use with assert has no side effects.

You can define this variable either in the Makefile itself or on the command line. GNU make will substitute the value of the variable when it executes the rule. 4 Debugging with GNU Debugger (GDB) Note that the -O2 flag was inserted in place of $(CFLAGS) in the rules. Vaughan, Ben Elliston,Tom Tromey, and Ian Lance Taylor (New Riders Publishing, 2000). You can use GDB to step through your code, set breakpoints, and examine the value of local variables. 1 Compiling with Debugging Information To use GDB, you’ll have to compile with debugging information enabled.

You turn off the check by defining the macro NDEBUG. cpp, but that would require changing the source itself. You can do this by using the -O2 command-line option. 4, “Debugging with GDB”). Also, in certain instances, compiling with optimization can uncover bugs in your program that did not manifest themselves previously. You should always use g++ to link a program that contains C++ code, even if it also contains C code. If your program contains only C code, you should use gcc instead. o The -o option gives the name of the file to generate as output from the link step.

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