Absolute BSD: The Ultimate Guide to FreeBSD by Michael Lucas, Jordan Hubbard

By Michael Lucas, Jordan Hubbard

FreeBSD is a robust, versatile, and cost effective UNIX-based working procedure, and the popular server platform for plenty of organisations. comprises insurance of install, networking, add-on software program, safeguard, community companies, procedure functionality, kernel tweaking, dossier platforms, SCSI & RAID configurations, SMP, upgrading, tracking, crash debugging, BSD within the workplace, and emulating different OSs.

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In such a case, using 3GB of hard drive space for /usr will more than suffice for just about any use, and you can assign the remainder to /home, the partition for users' home directories. Doing so segregates their files from the system, and file access speed is generally unimportant once it exceeds a certain acceptable minimum. 8. 8: Disklabel after partitioning A Second Hard Drive If you have a second hard drive of comparable quality to your main drive, you can make good use of it if you plan properly.

For example, many ISPs don't care what serves up their Web pages; they just care that their Web pages are being served reliably. Embedded systems programmers as a group are often not as interested in FreeBSD's inner workings; for the most part, they are attracted by FreeBSD's power and its commerce−friendly license. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with these groups whatsoever, just that these people aren't likely to be found hanging around FreeBSD mailing lists answering user questions.

Some get downright cranky. What makes matters worse is that these same people have spent a great deal of time making the answers to most of these questions available elsewhere. If you make it clear that you have accessed the various information resources the FreeBSD project makes available, and your answer really can't be found there, you will probably receive a polite, helpful answer. However, if you ask a question that has been answered several hundred times already, the expert on that topic just might snap and go bonkers on you.

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