Abnormal Psychology, Global Edition by Jill M. Hooley, Susan M Mineka, Matthew K. Nock, James N.

By Jill M. Hooley, Susan M Mineka, Matthew K. Nock, James N. Butcher

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Each chapter of this book that covers specific disorders also includes a section describing how those disorders are treated. In addition, in Chapter 16 we discuss different approaches to treatment more broadly and describe different types of therapy in detail. However, it is important to emphasize that not all people with psychological disorders receive treatment. In some cases, people deny or minimize their suffering. Others try to cope on their own and may manage to recover without ever seeking aid from a mental health professional.

Neither did it include measures of most personality disorders. 1, the most prevalent category of psychological disorders is anxiety disorders. , fear of small animals, insects, flying, heights). 2). 5 Disorder SOURCES: Based on Kessler, R. , & Wang, P. S. (2005a). Trends in suicide ideation, plans, gestures, and attempts in the United States. ; Kessler, R. , Chiu, W. , & Walters, E. E. (2005c). Prevalence, severity, and comorbidity of 12-month DSM-IV disorders in the National Comorbidity Survey Replication.

However, the number of mental health specialists involved is typically much smaller. In some cases a patient will receive all treatment from a psychiatrist, who will prescribe medication and also provide psychotherapy. Other patients will receive medications from a psychiatrist and see a psychologist or a clinical social worker for regular therapy sessions. In other cases, depending on the type and severity of the problem, a patient (client is the preferred term in some settings) may see a counseling psychologist, a psychoanalyst, or a counselor who specializes in the treatment of drug and alcohol problems.

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