A Model for Information Support of Environmental Management by Bill Davey, Clive Mathews

By Bill Davey, Clive Mathews

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System Identification, Environmental Modelling, and Control System Design

This ebook is devoted to Prof. Peter younger on his seventieth birthday. Professor younger has been a pioneer in platforms and keep an eye on, and over the last forty five years he has motivated many advancements during this box. This quantity includes a suite of contributions via top specialists in method identity, time-series research, environmetric modelling and keep an eye on method layout – sleek examine in subject matters that replicate vital components of curiosity in Professor Young’s learn profession.

Environmental Monitoring and Reporting by Enterprises: Eastern Europe, Caucasas and Central Asia

The current book comprises the ideas for Strengthening Environmental tracking and Reporting via corporations in japanese Europe, Caucasus and relevant Asia. it truly is aimed toward officers and specialists operating for presidency our bodies accountable for environmental coverage, environmental tracking and compliance tracking, and statistical corporations, in addition to for company administration and environmental voters corporations.

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